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Fernando Alvares immigrated to the United States from Brazil. He's an experienced immigration lawyer and his large, friendly staff is here to help you.

A Path To Citizenship

Most of our clients are working on a path to citizenship. The naturalization process can be straightforward if you meet the right criteria. However, it becomes more difficult if you have other legal concerns.We make a point to offer our clients straightforward legal advice and representation. Immigration laws are complex, and we will always tell you exactly what to expect from your case.

Whether you or a family member wants to file for citizenship, or has a more complicated case because of other legal concerns, we can help.

We Have Been In Your Position

Fernando Alvares came to the United States from Brazil in 1998. He was not a citizen when he arrived, and understands the struggles of obtaining citizenship. He also knows the struggles of living in the country before becoming a citizen.

This experience has been invaluable in assisting his clients, and is something we believe makes us stand out in the field of immigration attorneys.

Mr. Alvares has built his firm over the years by working with clients from all over South America. His career includes appearances on Univision as a legal contributor, and work for the El Salvadorian and Brazilian Consulate in Houston.

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Our Practice Areas

Want To Become A Citizen?

We know all aspects of immigration law, and can help you with naturalization.

Worried About Deportation?

If you aren’t a citizen, you could be deported. Find out how we can help.

Family Law Cases Can Affect Immigration

If you have questions about divorce or child custody, find out how we can help.

Charged With A Crime?

Many of our criminal law clients have immigration concerns as well.

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